1988 KTM Big Bore 500mx Dirtbike

DSC03307, originally uploaded by evanfell.

This is a KTM 500mx bike I picked up as a project off of Craigslist. I have a bit of an obsession with KTM 2-stroke motorcycles.

These bikes were known to be absolute beasts. In terms of power they put the competing big bore bikes of the time to shame. The KX500 and the CR500 just did not produce as much peak power as these KTM’s.

This bike had been torn down when the head gasket blew – a fairly common problem with these bikes due to their insane compression. I got it from the previous owner almost exactly as shown. He had already resprayed the frame and polished up a few bits here and there. Still lots of work to do though.


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  1. I have one of these I am about to strip and eBay the parts. Is there anything you need for your project before I do this. Its 25-1-09 now and i will start auction in about one week. Cheers Carl


  2. I have a 1989 ktm 500 and I am working on fixing it up, I need the left side out side case over the clutch and water pump. If you can help get that part let me know please.


    Evan Fell Reply:

    Hi Josh – I don’t have any parts hanging around for 500’s at the moment. Your best resource is going to be the old school section of KTMTalk.

    It’s a worthy project. See it through!



  3. Hi Josh, I happen to have a nearly complete ’89 500 MXC that I need to find a home for. The case covers are in good condition. It came with a few accessories made by Z-racing of Orange County, California.
    Contact me if you’re interested.
    (949)682 5869


    Bob Reply:

    Hi Jody,
    If you are parting out your bike I might be intersted in the left side cover. Let me know.


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