Name that Matchless Motorcycle

DSC04437, originally uploaded by evanfell.

I spotted this beauty outside a deli in the San Fernando Valley recently and luckily I had my camera with me. What a gorgeous bike.

Is this a GS5 or 85? My Matchless knowledge is limited and I don’t have a keen enough eye to tell. Anybody?


By ef

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  1. did you ever find out what it was? Looks like an old honda cb 350 or so. Maybe late 60s or early 70s. Maybe even a cafe racer. I’m looking for a beat up 550 to convert to a cafe racer. They are absolutely beautiful bikes.


  2. I had one like that in 1965. Mine was a 1958 Matchless 350. paid £40, in that sort of condition.
    That one looks like a 500 and a little later.
    It’s been a long time!!!!


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