1972 Honda C70 Super Cub

1972 Honda C70 Super Cub, originally uploaded by evanfell.

I picked up this 1972 Honda Super Cub 70cc bike/scooter/moped/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. These little bikes have been in production for over 50 years. This particular scoot popped up locally for a mere $100 so I drove out and picked it up.

This bike has sat for at least 15 years along side the owners home. The last registered user of this bike was an older gentleman who passed away in the early 90’s. His widow gave the bike to their neighbor who kept it outside all those years. I bought it from the neighbor and brought it home to fix up.

These little bikes are extremely reliable and will run forever, even when neglected. The trouble with this one is more aesthetic than anything else. The desert sun has faded all the paint badly and made the plastics very brittle. Most of the chrome should clean right up.

Fortunately EVERY part for these bikes is very easy to find and relatively inexpensive. The Honda Cubs have many part importers around the United States, so anything you need is never more than a call away. Just be aware, there are genuine Japanese reproduction parts, and there are Korean reproduction parts from a variety of manufacturers. The Korean parts are often lower grade and not great fit and finish. If you browse eBay you can see hundreds of Korean parts for sale at any given time ready to be shipped from Korea, or from an importer in the USA for much more money.

The original Honda Cub hit the dealers in 1958 in a 50cc variety. The 50cc model is still available today. However, over the years they have produced many slight variations of the model – 70cc’s, 100cc’s, and Honda Passports.

For cheap transportation these Honda C70’s can’t be beat.


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  1. Get post- I would have forgoten about this blog if it wasn’t in my reader. Such a great site! I wish you posted more often, but I guess buying a bike a week isn’t realistic- ha!


  2. Hi Evan,
    I try to restore my honda c70 1977 bike which i bought 3month ago. the engine used the platinum/ contact point than i try to change to CDI units.
    It’s work and engine is run but the ignition switch is always on. I think is all about wiring faulty. Can u help and show me how to fix it? I also found the wiring diagram for this cdi honda c70 but still blurr. hehe.
    note:the ignition switch is new.
    Thanks for ur kind


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