Laverda Jota 1200 with Cropredy Liberator Bodywork

laverda jota 1200 w Cropredy Liberator body

The above bike is a typical Laverda Jota 1200 but with the awesome and hard to come by Cropredy Liberator bodywork. I’m not much of a Laverda fan because the engines, heads, and side covers are all a bit square which I think looks slightly odd:

The Cropredy bike above is once of the nicest looking Laverda’s around. The body work reminds me a lot of the Tracy body kits which were available for the Honda CB750’s in the mid 70’s.

I LOVE the Tracy body kits, and CB’s are right up my alley. I had an opportunity to buy a CB750 with the Tracy kit not too long ago but couldn’t swing the extra dough. Bummer!


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  1. Most cleaners available usually contain an abrasive grit – usually finely ground talc that is simply powdered rock – to give the effect of a quick cleanup. In other words, most cleaners then become a grinding compound and the innocent rider is simply slowly grinding the chrome layer off the nickel exposing it to the air where it quickly corrodes – tiny scratch by tiny scratch. In many cases, people rub down to the copper as a yellowish hue begins to appear leading the rider to think he got bad or thin chrome!


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