Launching a Motorcycle Repair Forum!!

I get a lot of questions via email from visitors of this forum. I’m always happy to help with motorcycle service questions and like giving others a hand. However, the emails are sometimes overwhelming or they get lost in the daily shuffle of life. So I’ve decided to try getting a little motorcycle repair forum started. This way people can post their questions on the forum and I can answer them directly there.

So here it is – the new companion to this blog, a
Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you all.


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  1. I have a 52 triumph 650 which spitting oil out of the breather tube. When I assembled I used the old breather valve and spring. They looked ok but I was thinking the spring might be weak. I also had some oil coming from the left pipe but had just replaced valve guides and relapped the valves honed cylinders and fresh rings . It all looked good and ran goodthough. i am going from memory but wanted some ideas before I tear it down.


  2. Hi Curt,

    I am not intimately familiar with the the mid century Triumphs, but if oil is coming from your crank case breather it generally is one of two things.

    1 – The crankcase is becoming overly pressurized from excess oil. The bike is overfilled with oil.

    2 – The crankcase is becoming overly pressurized from excess air. This can be caused by unseated or sticky piston rings allowing combustion gases to sneak by. If your motor isn’t broken in yet – and it sounds like it isn’t – your problem may go away with some time.

    What break-in procedure did you use?

    Sounds like you’ll be pulling the head anyway to redo the valve guides though, bummer!



  3. My husband is working on his friend’s 1985 Yamaha Maxim 700. They cleaned the carb to your specifications and rebuilt it, but now when they hit the throttle it idles up by itself really high, dives, and shuts off. How do we set the butterfly set screws to make it right? If that is the problem… Thank you! Your website has been a huge help!


  4. i have a custom harley with a twin cyl s&s engine afterit warms up i leave the house and within 5 min it dies. full throttle half or idle i doesnt matter.then i have to wait like 5 minuits before it will start again the battery stayes charged it cranks but no goafter a few min it starts right up and will run all day. what do you think could cause this?


  5. I have a 1982 Honda Nighthawk 450 and from time to time the front brake locks up. I’ve tried flushing the system, which didn’t work. Then I tried replacing the front caliper, which also didn’t work. I would like to take my motorcycle to my new place of residence but I don’t want to do that with the chance of the brake locking up in the middle of the highway. What is the problem and what should I do?


  6. I posted a question in the repair forum about my old Honda Twinstar…please take a look and see if you can offer suggestions! Thanks


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