Prepping a KTM 300exc for Motard Duty~!

hey mate just reading your article and i saw that you 2 have an obsession with ktm 2 strokes. just wondering if you could lend me some advice? i have an 300exc which im retiring from the bush and making into a motard. any advice of how i should prepare it engine wise for this job and anything i could do apart form exhaust to up the power? cheers

I wouldn’t worry too much about upping the power, the 300’s have plenty even in stock trim. You might switch spring weights on the power-valve actuator to have it hit a little harder in the upper revs.

Really all you’ll need to do is make sure your jetting is really dialed in, particularly the main. Two strokes love being revved up and down, they don’t do as well at a steady constant throttle. Whenever I ride my 300exc’s on the street I always modulate the throttle – probably more than I need to. I have covered many many miles on these bikes with good results. Just keep oil in the gas and drop the gearing a bit.

KTM300exc Street Legal-ish

Evan Fell

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