1982 Yamaha 650 Maxim Carb Issue

Please be patient with me as I am not much of a mechanic and could make a mistake when referring to the proper name of the parts. I am trying to assemble the carburetors on my 1982 Yamaha V-Max 650 and forgot what went where. While the four carbs are on my work bench and the air box side is closest to me the first thing I see is the needle and seat (where the gas float is connected) the next thing looking towards the butterfly in the carburetor is what I would call a round tower with a brass jet screwed into it and a washer under it. The next tower which is shorter also had a brass jet screwed into it but does not have a washer under it. I have eight of these brass jets that can screw into either tower; does it make a difference which jet goes into which tower?

You have 4 main jets and 4 pilot jets. The four main jets are the ones with the larger holes in them and they go into the tall tower with a washer under them. The four pilot jets are the ones with the smaller holes in them and they go into the shorter towers. It does not matter which jet is installed in which carb because they are all the same size.

Big jet – big tower. Small jet – small tower.


Evan Fell

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