Honda CB900c Electrical Problems

thanks for the suggestion on the noise problem.  I opened it up and found out my oil pump had seized up.  replaced it and it was fine.  now i have another problem.  started my bike this morning and got ready to go to work.  put it in gear and heard a small pop then the engine died.  it will turn the starter but i dont think it is getting a spark.  fuses look fine.  could you give me a tip?

Glad you got the oil issue fixed before a terrible failure.

Well first you want to check if you have spark or not. Pull a plug and give it a quick check. Know how?

Electrical shorts giving a ‘pop’ or ‘zap’ sound can be from a large number of sources. Did the sound come from the front of the bike (ignition/gauges/headlight) or from under you (battery/solenoid) ?

the sound came from the front of the bike.  i measured the voltage from the wire hooked into the ignition coil and received a 10.5 reading.  I replaced the coils and the same problem persists.  i changed the spark plugs and no change.  the sound came from the area of the ignition coils but i am getting sparks on all four plugs.

Evan Fell

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