Kawasaki ZR-7S ZR750 Service Repair Manual

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  1. Hi Evan,

    Nice rebuild article, complete and to the point.
    Great coverage.
    I have only one [?]..question…:)

    I am rebuilding the carbs [cleaning] on a 81
    Kaw 750 LTD. 6k miles. Seldom ridden, so
    floats were always sticking until they became
    a pain and decided to pull them off and clean.
    Everything was pretty clean except the jets
    which have a lot of varnish. There doesn’t
    appear to be ANY solvent to remove that stuff
    except MEK which removes some. My gal [a
    pharmacist] told me to try dishwasher soap and
    hot water. This resulted in the varnish turning
    into white powder which scraped right off. For
    the next three I will use your method of boiling them. Now the question…..

    Does the float needle SEAT unscrew or is it
    pressed in? I’m reluctant to put a pair of
    pliers or grips on that brass seat. I did
    take a q-tip with some MEK and it appears to
    be clean and the float valve has no ring on the
    rubber tip…

    Thanks for your time…
    Ps…what is the plastic or nylon plug that sits right next to the removable jets? The
    carbs are marked with Kei Hin Brand…

    Doug Kopp


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