Help Removing Headers 1982 Nighthawk 450

I have an 82 Nighthawk 450 that I’m in the process of sprucing up. The headers have some surface corrosion and I’d like to put some high temp paint on them. However, they’re stuck. I’ve removed the top bolts as well as the bottom clamps but they refuse to budge. I’d rather not paint them while they’re on the bike. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Running the bike to head up the headers is a great idea.

if you’re positive you’ve removed all the necessary bolts that hold the headers and entire exhaust affixed to the bike, then just give it a good ‘twack’. Kick on the rear of the mufflers a bit to pop the headers forward – or pull the muffers/cummulator off completely and work on the headers by themselves.

Evan Fell

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