1986 Radian 600 rectifier/regulator wiring

I just picked up a nice 1986 Yamaha Radian 600, bike’s generally in good shape, runs great, only 16,000miles! My only question is about the wiring coming off the r/r… I noticed that there are 2 wires that are cut between the r/r and its harness. One is white and one is red. I would imagine these wires were originally put there for a reason, but the bike seems to run fine without them. I was wondering what problems this might cause and what would likely happen if I replace the r/r with one that does NOT have any cut wires…

http://www.badrad600.com/Wiring%20Diagr … ual%29.pdf

http://cyclephotos.evanfell.com/uploads … e7bb41.jpg

I circled the 2 on the diagram that are cut in the linked jpeg. The white goes to the magneto and the red comes off the “Main” fuse and also goes to the ignition switch…

Thanks in advance, and any help or input would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Jhutchy – Hope you’re enjoying your radian. Those are great bikes. The only fault in my eyes is a slightly small tank.

If the wires are coming off the stator and going to the regulator/rectifier combination unit that I’d imagine you’re just fine. If either of the cut wires were going to be a problem they would manifest themselves immediately. It’s possible that your alternator has been modified in some way and the wires were no longer needed. It’s hard to say. As long as your bike is charging properly and shows good voltage on the battery then you’ll be fine. It is strange though. Bike still going well?

Evan Fell

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  1. Hi i just got a 86 radin 600 and it is not chargeing the wires out of the harness 3 white 1 green 1 red 1 black are conected 1 brown is not dose anyone know where that wire gose .


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