Evan’s Answers 2: 1996 Yamaha Virago Jetting Concerns

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Mike writes:
I just modified my 1996 Yamaha Virago XV1100 to accept a Harley Davidson K&N air cleaner assembly. I am thrilled with the modification and my OEM jetted carbs are great from idle to 3/4 throttle. After that the bike feels as if it has a miss. I believe that I have to replace the main jets. Another Virago tech forum member did a similar but not identical mod and had to open his main jets two sizes larger. My Hitachi HSC40’s have stock sizes of, Front #122, Rear #128. Does that mean that I should go, Front #126, Rear #132 ? I appreciate your advice. 

Hi Mike,

Your jet size estimates sound correct. When you change an intake or an exhaust you’ll generally go up on the main jet anywhere from 1 to 3 sizes. 2 is probably about right for your bike, but personally I never make jetting adjustments in increments more than one jet size. If I was you I would pick up a 124, 126, 130, and a 132. I’d go up one size on the main jets then give it a ride. If it still stammered at open throttle I’d go up one more size.

Most (imported) transversely mounted air-cooled V-twins like your Virago run the rear cylinder richer than the front to keep it cooler because it doesn’t get a whole lot of air flow. Kind of an interesting solution to a specific problem. Just part of the reason the big twins never have a competitive edge in any racing circuits. (No I am not referring to Ducati air cooled twins, they are transversely mounted, but they are 90 degree motors tilted forward allowing for much more airflow.)

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