Wiring Diagram for Amen Chassisworks Choppers

I had a request for an official Amen or Santee wiring diagram. This is the only one I have handy. Wiring diagram from Amen Chassisworks. However, there really isn’t anything different in this wiring diagram than in the one I put together as a guide in my Simple Motorcycle Wiring post.

Simple Motorcycle Wiring Diagram for Choppers and Cafe Racers

I get a lot of questions about wiring motorcycles. Sometimes people are just trying to fix their blinkers and aren’t familiar with how motorcycle electrics work – but more often than not I get requests about trimming down electronics for custom riders. An essential part of building any sort of chopper, bobber, cafe racer, brat… Continue reading Simple Motorcycle Wiring Diagram for Choppers and Cafe Racers

Useless Spray Carb Cleaner

I read your article about cleaning carbs with boiling lemon juice. I’m so glad to know that as I have used the useless spray carb cleaner and it does not do anything except make my fingers crack open! I have a KZ 650 and 77 Kz100 LTD I need to do the carbs on. Well,… Continue reading Useless Spray Carb Cleaner

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