2002 Honda XR650R

I was just flipping back through the blog and realized I never wrote up anything about my 2002 Honda XR650R. I’ve had a lot of XR600’s and other Honda singles, but I always wanted to have a go with an XR650R. The aircooled XR600R was retired after it’s final production year of 2000, the same… Continue reading 2002 Honda XR650R

Hundreds of Motorcycle Service Manuals – For Free!

I get emails from readers quite regularly looking for service manuals for their bike. I always try and help as best as I can. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a large collection of motorcycle service manuals for all sorts of bikes. I have factory repair manuals, part microfiche manuals, setup and tuning documentation, owners… Continue reading Hundreds of Motorcycle Service Manuals – For Free!

Simple Motorcycle Wiring Diagram for Choppers and Cafe Racers

I get a lot of questions about wiring motorcycles. Sometimes people are just trying to fix their blinkers and aren’t familiar with how motorcycle electrics work – but more often than not I get requests about trimming down electronics for custom riders. An essential part of building any sort of chopper, bobber, cafe racer, brat… Continue reading Simple Motorcycle Wiring Diagram for Choppers and Cafe Racers

Laverda Jota 1200 with Cropredy Liberator Bodywork

The above bike is a typical Laverda Jota 1200 but with the awesome and hard to come by Cropredy Liberator bodywork. I’m not much of a Laverda fan because the engines, heads, and side covers are all a bit square which I think looks slightly odd: The Cropredy bike above is once of the nicest… Continue reading Laverda Jota 1200 with Cropredy Liberator Bodywork

1976 Kawasaki KZ900

1976 Kawasaki KZ900, originally uploaded by evanfell. The original muscle bike – sort of. This is my KZ900A that I owned for a short while. Kawasaki came out with the 900cc KZ900 in 1973 known as the Z1. Today the Z1 is a highly coveted bike and fetches great prices on the vintage market compared… Continue reading 1976 Kawasaki KZ900

1972 Honda C70 Super Cub

1972 Honda C70 Super Cub, originally uploaded by evanfell. I picked up this 1972 Honda Super Cub 70cc bike/scooter/moped/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. These little bikes have been in production for over 50 years. This particular scoot popped up locally for a mere $100 so I drove out and picked it up. This bike has sat for at least… Continue reading 1972 Honda C70 Super Cub

1985 BMW K100

1985 BMW K100, originally uploaded by evanfell. As if I didn’t have enough motorcycles crammed into a tiny storage unit – now I have another! I drove 8 hours each way to pick up this 1985 BMW K100. I am generally real impulsive when it comes to motorcycle purchases, and this is certainly one of… Continue reading 1985 BMW K100