My XR650R (and I) are on a Russian Auction Site

I just found my old XR650R up for sale on a Russian Auction site. That’s me in the photos. I sold it last year to an exporter who ships bikes to Japan. I’ve sold many vintage bikes to such outfits, but never encountered an exporter who dealt in dirtbikes (or modern bikes for that matter).

Japan Speedway Racing

Speedway racing has really taken off in Japan and the bikes are just flat out incredible. They are one of the only series that allow for twin cylinder motors. Most of them are these AR600 race motors built by Yamaha specifically for the track. I’ve been trying to figure out why they use external dampers… Continue reading Japan Speedway Racing

A few of my favorite motorcycle vids from Youtube!

I watch way too many motorcycle videos online, here’s a few I like. The Higgspeed expansion chambers for GT750’s give the most incredible sound! I want!   Another incredible sounding bike – the Honda RC166 250cc 6 cylinder.   This is some serious touring on tiny little Honda z50’s. American’s get too fixated on the… Continue reading A few of my favorite motorcycle vids from Youtube!

1971 BMW R75/5

Got this bike with 18k. Well taken care of but smashed headlight 12 years ago. In the process of locating light assembly and parts to get it running. The tank is a toaster but not original to the date 1971 so I want to get the original 6 gallon and paint it white. Any thoughts?… Continue reading 1971 BMW R75/5

Engine Work on 1978 CB750K

Anyone know a good mechanic in Miami? My Honda is not getting oil on one side of the engine.  Would appreciate any tip. George If your oil flow is impeded only in one area you likely have a clogged line. If the oil pump or related components were failing then you wouldn’t have oil anywhere… Continue reading Engine Work on 1978 CB750K

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